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Half Term Revision Dates

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Spring Term Revision Schedule 2013-14 Week 1 | Monday 7th April | Morning session 10.00-12.00 | Afternoon Session 1.00-3.00 | | Subject/course | Teacher | Room | Subject/course | Teacher | Room | | Extend Diploma Electrical Engineering EDENGE22A | Barbara Walsh | C434A/C434B | Extend Diploma Engineering Electrical EDENGE22A | Barbara Walsh | C434A/C434B | | Extend Diploma Mechanical Engineering EDENGM22A/B | Peter Kempen | C402/C405 | Extend Diploma Mechanical Engineering EDENGM22A/B | Peter Kempen | C402/C405 | | GCSE English | Katherine Davey | G4 | GCSE English | Katherine Davey | G4 | | AS English Literature | Francesca Thomas | A58 | | | | | Archaeology: Unit 1 | Caroline Wilcox | B254 | Archaeology: Unit 2 | Caroline Wilcox | B254 | | Vocational Business assignment completion | Kemi Osoba | A49 | Vocational Business assignment completion | Bekoe Newman | A49 | | Vocational Sport and Travel Tourism assignment completion | Danny Chilvers | A50 | Vocational Sport and Travel Tourism assignment completion | Danny Chilvers | A50 | | AS /A2 GraphicsExtend Diploma Year 2 Final Major Project | Mark Pearson | Art Rooms | AS /A2 GraphicsExtend Diploma Year 2 Final Major Project | Mark Pearson | Art Rooms |

Spring Term Revision Schedule 2013-14 Week 1 | Tuesday 8th April | | Morning session 10.00-12.00 | Afternoon Session 1.00-3.00 | | Subject/course | Teacher | Room | Subject/course | Teacher | Room | | A2 Business (China Research Theme) | Nessa | A25 | AS Business | Nessa | A25 | | A2 Economics | Charles | G5 | AS Economics | Charles | | | AS Business | Sarah (11.00-12.30) | A39 | A2 Business (Higher level exam technique) | Sarah | A39 | | AS Law | Amina | A26 | | | | | Vocational Business assignment completion | Kemi Osoba | A49 | Vocational Business assignment completion | Bekoe Newman | A49...

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