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Week 1 Homework

Exercise 2 pg 33
.) Do you speak or write to each person in your life in the same way and about the same things? If not how do your approaches with these people differ?
The different audiences I speak to in my everyday life would have to be my husband, my parents, my daughter and my friends, I do not speak to everyone in my life the same way or about the same things. I have different relationships with each person. Not everyone I speak to has the same interests. My approaches to these people differ in many ways. My relationship with my husband is a close intimate one, we discuss our relationship and bills/finances and he knows how to respond because he knows everything about those subjects but when it comes to my parents, my friends and my daughter, I wouldn’t speak with them about those things because their personal for one and they wouldn't know about them or be interested in them. When it comes to my daughter I talk to her about things she's interested in, barbies, cartoons, school, her friends. At the same time I'm teaching and guiding her through life and explaining to her why she should and shouldn’t do certain things and etc. My parents would love to know every detail about my life but I limit what I tell them except when it comes to my daughter. I'm very close to them but I just don’t want them knowing a whole lot about my personal things. We talk about the weather, and the news and vaguely about how our lives are going.
2.) List some subjects that would interest some of these people but not others. How do you account for these differences?
Some subjects that would interest some of these people and not others would be bills/finances, current news, my romantic life, barbie dolls, cartoons, and college, I account for these differences because every one of the subjects won't interest everyone obviously. My friends wouldn't care about my bills or finances and most of them except for a rare couple don't really care about what's going on in the news, My husband is who I share my romantic life with so I would talk to him about that but my parents would be disgusted to hear a single word about it. Barbie dolls and cartoons and that girly stuff is things only kids want to hear about.
3.) Choose one of the following subjects, and describe how you would speak or write to different audiences about it.
I chose the subject A change that improved my life.
If I were speaking with my husband I would go into every single detail about the change, what it was, how its improving my life and all of my emotions that come with it. I would more than likely talk about it and go on and on and rant a little bit.
If I were speaking to my daughter I would tell her about it in a way that she could understand it. I wouldn't go into as much detail and I would try to keep it short and simple because 5 year olds don’t have the best attention span.
If I were speaking to my parents I would also go into as much detail as possible but I don't think I would rant as much or talk about my emotions other than being happy or excited.
My friends I would speak to them in the same way I would my husband. Both of them are very similar audiences as my relationship with each of them is about the same, except for the intimacy.
Exercise 3 pg 36 1-5
Indicate whether each of the following is a general subject or specific topic that is narrow enough for a short essay.
1.) An argument against fast food ads that are aimed at young children would be a specific topic.
2.) Home schooling would be a general subject.
3.) Cell phones and driving would be
4.) Changes in U.S immigration laws would be
5.) Requiring college students to study a foreign language would be

Exercise 8 pg 47 1-5
Assess the strengths and weaknesses of the following as thesis statements.
1.) My instructor has an attendance policy
2.) My instructor should change her attendance policy because it is bad.
3.) My instructor should change her attendance policy because it is unreasonable, inflexible, and unfair.
4.) For many students, a community college makes more sense than a four year college or university.
5.) Some children exhibit violent behavior.

Reading Images pg 227 1-3
1.) How easy (or difficult) is it to understand the info presented in the diagram? Would the info have been more or less accessible if it were summarized in a paragraph form? Why or why not?
It was very easy for me to understand the information that was presented in the diagram. I think had the information been presented in paragraph form it would make it less accessible because the diagram provides a clear step by step process of Plastics Recycling that is easy to understand with the arrows, pictures and short summaries. I feel putting it in paragraph form would complicate it and people may not be able to understand as well.
2.) Evaluate the icons used in the diagram. Would you suggest including any additional or different icons? Do you find the two piranha company logos distracting?
I would use different icons for the people. The ones used look a little creepy with the big, bright eyes and no nose or mouth. I didn’t find the piranha logos to be distracting at all, I didn’t really notice them until I read this question but now that I see them I think they're very appropriate and professional looking,
3.) For what purpose do you this process diagram was created? What makes you think so?
I think the purpose of this diagram was to get advertisement out about the piranha plastics company. I think besides the fact of showing what happens to plastic that is recycled by them, they are trying to get people to recycle their plastic but recycle it with them instead of going somewhere else.

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