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Halloween's Best and Worst

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Kimberly Clark
Professor Mitchell
English G099
04 November 2014
Halloween’s Best and Worst
It’s hard for me to decide which was the best of the costumes at my house this Halloween. I’ve never seen so many great costumes, mine included, squashed into one place! Between the red riding hoods, Angels, Cheechs, Chongs, Hard Core Swat Cops, Princess Peaches, Marios, Luigis, Unicorns, Devils, Cats, Vampires, and Indian Chiefs, I would have no idea whose was the best but, luckily for me Jesus showed up to my party!
Jesus is a symbol of all things holy; he can bless your spirits and your wine all while kicking your ass at beer pong. He can choose whatever kind of attitude to have towards your questions about life. The Jesus at my party his name is Chris, friend of a friend who grew out his beard all year to play the role he was born to play; and that role of course was “Party God Jesus”. Not only did he absolve my guests and I of all our sins but, personally placed his crown of thorns a top this Heathen Pocahontas’ head curing me of whatever ailments may come to me in the future. Then handing me a cigarette he said “no cancer for you my child”.
Now for the worst of the best this goes to the sluts that showed up at my party. While I can appreciate the sexy maid costume, or heck even the sexy Freddie cougar girl was at least creative but, I can not stand the girls whose costumes serve no purpose. A mask, and a tight dress does not a costume make. All in all, I can only imagine what little there is to you on the inside with so little creativity on the outside.

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