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Hallucinations In My Love Life

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I was plodding my way home when I passed by the university patio. Its old abandoned atmosphere made it deemed for a quiet benevolence—perfect for rough moments like this. Again, I remembered my Nicolai. Not longer than yesterday, thinking about him used to sweep away the confusion in me. But now, it burst forth more puzzling array of questions about this phenomenon.
Emersion of tears started to fog my eyesight but I still continued to walk. Until suddenly, tickling arms wrapped around me from behind. Another sense of déjà vu came crawling in my heart. I knew from that moment that it was him. Apparently, I was on the edge of tears but I still needed his explanation, his clarification, so I lifted my head up to prevent tears from falling and faced him without any hint of fear.
“What are you?” I asked in an evident
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My heart still sings his name, Nicolai. The carnations that he gave are all preserved and the in my house and
During my spare time, I sometimes visit doctors, researchers and experts to console me about this strange story of my love life. Some doctors argue that I was only suffering from hallucinations due to my depression caused by my family problem during my college days. Meanwhile, experts and researchers who work in the field of paranormal subjects believe that Nicolai’s invisible form had existed.
Despite my uncertainty of whether he really existed as a lost spirit or if he was just a mere illusion cruelly created in my brain, I will never stop loving him because that is the only thing that binds our immortal spirits together.
I am now 48 years old and I have an adopted daughter named Bellia. Similar to me, she also entered the threshold of ballet and now, she has made it to the lead role in the dance production of Shakespeares Sister’s Stay.
Numerous men came knocking during my early 20s but I could not bear the idea of cheating on my lost husband,

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