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Rhetoric in Man Made Monster
The movie Man Made Monster is a story of a man’s good fortune gone bad. On a rainy night a bus crashes into an electric utility tower and kills all the passengers except for Dan McCormick. The reason he survived the crash was because he had an immunity to electricity because of his carnival act. When Dr. Lawrence questioned Dan about it, Dan says his tricks are all just a bunch of hog wash. This is an example of rhetoric because Dan is persuading himself to believe that it wasn’t his immunity to electricity that saved him because he didn’t want to feel bad for surviving when all those other people died. He was mentally persuading himself. Ignorance is bliss.
Another form of rhetoric was Dan’s character. He had the personality of a knock around guy who was very likable because he wanted to do right. He could be called an “aw, shucks” kind of guy. The characters in the movie and the audience as well were persuaded by Dan’s personality to believe he was a good man.
Rigas was a whole different story. He was a different kind of man. Rigas could be pegged as a bad guy right off the bat. His voice, his character, and his actions all persuaded the other characters and the audience that he was spiteful and suspicious. This was also a form of rheotoric because of the persuasion Rigas’s character to others.
Rigas also physically persuaded Dan to murder. Rigas done an experiment on Dan that physically and mentally persuaded him to follow the commands of Rigas and to kill Dr. Lawrence. Dan was turned into a mad man and was forcefully persuaded to be a slave to Rigas. Again, this is a form of rhetoric because of the persuasion even though Dan wasn’t persuaded willfully.
The glowing body of Dan after he was electrocuted is also rhetoric. It was a physical persuasion. The people seen Dan’s glowing body and they were persuaded that he was full of...

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