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Ham's Influence On Jesus

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“The poor will always have with you” (Mark 14:7). When I looked at this quote out of context it implied to me that we are all poor in some sense and needed to work to overcome this and enrich ourselves and others lives. When I read this quote in context I felt like Jesus was telling the disciples that he will not be with them much longer and that the disciples need to take care of the people that will support their teaching and the message of the kingdom of God. Hamm feels that this verse is primarily about Jesus, his prediction of his impending death, and letting the disciples know that they have limited time with him. Hamm also states that Mark would like the reader to see Jesus as “king-like”, the Messiah. Hamm also believes that this quote is used in political policies not to aid others (i.e. the poor, uneducated), however Hamm feels that this works only if the quote is taken out of context. Like Hamm, I believe that the quote implies a need to help others that are less fortunate then ourselves. I did not see this verse as …show more content…
Although we must obey civil laws we must also, ultimately, be responsible to God and our moral consciousness. Those that have taken over the State Park in Oregon over taxes and civil laws (as well as many others that have not followed the tax laws) cannot use the bible to fall back on, it is their own feelings of entitlement that leads them to this action; not the word of God.
“The kingdom of God is within you” (Luke 17:21). Out of context this verse told me that we all have it inside ourselves to act and treat others the way God would want us to. When I read this verse in context it is Jesus is to enlightening the Pharisees that the Kingdom of God is here with them now; that the kingdom of God is not a tangible item to be observed or held on to, nor is the Kingdom of God about wealth or power, it is about

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