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Sound of One Hand Clapping
Greeting my fellow classmates, happy holiday, after this week reading I began to appreciate public health the more, I am so happy to be here. Anyway, concerning this week discussion, I will start by saying that the unwillingness of the health sector to transfer the outcomes of medical research about the pathogenesis of diseases into public health policy has not augured well for our communities. The aetiology of diseases, health, and wellness is not only biologically or physiologically determined, but they are also socially and economically determined. Therefore, the transition of medical research from the Laboratory to therapy, and back to the laboratory is an unproductive cycle, which is like the shout of a dumb or the sound of one hand clapping (Jiang, Zhang, Wang & Shen, 2013), that does not produce results. According to my previous discussion forum post, there is a disconnection between the health sector and policymakers, today I want to continue on the same note. This paper will first build upon my original
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Experience has shown that passing laws is not only cost-effective but also saves many lives. The China child lead poisoning and the sleep insufficiency in school-aged children (Jiang, Zhang, Wang & Shen, 2013) are two among thousands of stories of similar results that placed emphasis on public policy and medical research partnership. Seatbelt laws have saved many lives in my country, what would have happened to those lives if there were no such policy on use of seatbelts in vehicles, remarkably these lives are saved by just simply obedience to the policy. This is the excellent power of public policy and health sector

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