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Handicap Parking

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In my opinion, people need to be more considerate, in every aspect of the word. More specifically and the topic I want to focus more on is that people should avoid taking the handicap parking spaces for granted. Some people absolutely need this option to limit the amount of distance they have to cover to get to their destination. So people need to avoid taking the spaces because they’ll be right back, or no one needs to park here, or whatever reason they can concoct to justify their decision. The only exception of course is if you have a state issued handicap sticker or license plate. Without either these two things it should be off limits to you. What some people do to cheat the system is to drive handicap relatives’ vehicles to reap the rewards of a closer parking spot. This is another case where people are just flat out rude. People with this option available to them, should do the honorable thing.
Working at King Soopers, there are a lot of different people that come through the store. Some elderly people take advantage of their stickers and use these parking spaces in order to have a more efficient shopping experience. Which is the way it should be. There are some unfortunate instances where some people expect to be in and out quickly, but don’t respect that there might be someone else trying to use the spot. There was one instance where an older lady in a wheelchair had to park further away from Kings because a car was in the last available handicap spot without state issued stickers. She came to me about this matter because I was outside pushing carts back into the store. I went to my manager because I had no authority or right to tell the owner of the car to vacate the area. My manager had informed me that there was nothing we could do, because we don’t have a parking monitor to enforce the law. This situation was terrible. I felt really bad for the lady…...

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