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EASYCASH Conference Room
9thflr Times Plaza Bldg. UN
September 8, 2014 (10:30 am-11:35am)

The meeting was started with a good news from Sir Howell. They are pleased to update INFOMAN that they are decided to remove the manual procedure and fully adopt the SLM operation. However, there are some glitches that Sir Howell and his team would to raise to INFOMAN, to wit:

1. Request to reconfigure the SERVER’s OS to solely LINUX. Since they are not satisfied with the performance of AMMY and with the recent upgrade ofinternet connect in KALAW and the use Team viewer for UN Branch connection is much appreciated by EASYCASH.

2. To verify the requirement mbps requirement of SLM.

3. Request modification on the following system: a. Enable the document submitted button in the CERA menu. b. Message box in the final processing of loan reflecting the comments made by the approver (instruction to the releasing staff) c. Reflect fines from consolidation in the disclosure sheet d. Include Bank Name in the Loan Release report e. To reflect the name of the client in the PDC report. f. Deferment of Loan i. Approver to Loan Application ii. CERA to CI iii. CI to Loan Application

Also, there are issue arises from the customization: 1. Reflection of Interest in case of advance payment 2. Use of Grace Period in the computation of penalty 3. To stop the computation of penalty and legal once the loan becomes LEGAL.

The abovementioned issues will be consulted with INFOMAN team and feedback will be emailed not later than September 20, 2014

The meeting was adjourned at exactly 11:35am.

Prepared by:

Sheila Marie R. Pascual

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