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Case Outline of JetBlue Airways Corporation

I. Problem: The main problem facing JetBlue Airways Corporation is: how to maintain low-costs structure and continue enlarging its market share in the competitive airline industry with increasing fuel costs.

II. Strategic Considerations A. Industry Analysis 1. History a). American aviation pioneers attempted to start airlines using airships in the mid-19th industry. b). Aktiengesellschaft was world’s first airline which was founded in November 16, 1909 with the government assistance, and operated airships manufactured by Zeppelin Corporation. c). Tony Jannus conducted the United States’ first scheduled commercial flight on January 1914. d). In 1918, the United States Postal Service won the financial support from Congress to begin air mail service. e). In 1925, Stout Aircraft Company began to construct Ford Trimotor with 12-passenger capacity which became the first successful American airliner. f). At the same time, Pan American World Airways created an air network that linked America to the world. g). At the end of twenty century, a new style of cost airline appeared, offering a no-frills product at a lower price. The representative low-cost carriers are Southwest Airlines, JetBlue and AirTran Airways. h). The September 11th terrorist attacks resulted the airline industry bailout which lost $30 billion with 100,000 employees laid off. k). Today, JetBlue, Southwest and Air Tran have become the most successful low-cost models. 2. Key Segments and Trends a). Four main categories in the airline industry separated by U.S. Department of Transportation: international flights, national flights, short-haul flights and cargo transportation. b). Significant factors in...

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