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Role played: Federal Licensing Authority


To non-Harborco:

1. Describe your assessment of Harborco’s leadership in the negotiation meeting?

Harborco’s leadership in the negotiation meeting was good. They had total control of the direction of the meeting. They managed to get the meeting into the direction they wanted. Finally they manage to get the support from all parties involved in the negotiation.

2. What was the climate of the meeting; was it friendly or a lot arguments?

The meeting was done in friendly, calm and sincere manner. Since the parties involved in the negotiation were expected to continue their relationship even after the conclusion negotiation therefore it was in the best interest of each party involved in the negotiation to be friendly to other parties during the negotiation.

3. How was your performance in the final deal?

My performance in the final deal was good. I was able to maintain my position and got support from other parties during the negotiation. Finally I managed to get my BATNA.

4. What was your strategy to maximize your points?

The strategies used to maximize my points were trade-off and log rolling. These strategies were used to gain support from other parties involved in the negotiation.

5. If you are now given the chance to play the role of Harborco, how would you have led the meeting?

I would ensure that I would have total control of the direction negotiation in order for me to get the desired outcome and I would also ensure that the negotiation is done in calm, friendly and sincere manner.


If you are DCR that gave $3 billion to Harborco, then you should know that it is a rare occurrence. How did this happen?

This could only happen if Harborco managed to convince other parties in the negotiation to take side with them in pressuring DCR to give the $3 billion loan.


If you are not the other ports, please comment what would you have done as other ports where there is a proposal from Harborco to develop another large port?

If I were the other ports, I would reject the proposal to develop another large port unless I was compensated handsomely for the loss income that will be incurred in the future. I would form a coalition with other parties in the negotiation to pressure and threat Harborco for good deal for myself and the members of the coalition.


Did any parties try to form coalition in your negotiation group? Was the coalition stable?

Yes, there were parties in the negotiation that formed up a coalition. However, the coalition was unstable when Social Dilemma came into play. Each party was wary that other parties in the negotiation would betray them by having secret deal with Harborco in order to get the benefit for themselves only.


1. What was the effect of having to vote?

The effect of having to vote was ensuring an agreement could be reached in a definite time period. Voting is an ultimatum mechanism to ensure the parties in the negotiation to make a decision at a certain time.

2. What was effective in helping you understand the other party’s position of the issue?

The vote cast by each party in the negotiation was effective in help me to understand the position of the other party in certain issue.


What was the implication of what you have learned from the Harborco exercise for running the meeting?

I have learned the importance of forming a coalition or having allies in the negotiation against a stronger party. I have also learned that coalitions are fragile. The coalition is stronger when the members of the coalition have common interest in the issue that bind the coalition together. I have learned that when the coalition has become weak and can no longer maintain a blocking coalition then there is a need to consider a cooperation with the opposing party.


1. If you were Harborco, would your approach and strategy in the negotiation change, if you knew about the need and interest and BATNA of all parties?

The question is not applicable since the role played was FLA.

2. What would then be your proposal for voting 1st vote, 2nd vote and the final vote? The question is not applicable since the role played was FLA.

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