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• Describe and comment on CRM at Harrah’s? Harrah’s organisation structure was decentralised with each property managing its own revenues, customer base and profitability. Satre, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer was keen to consolidate all CRM activities that would provide a centralised repository of customer information and help build loyalty. To achieve this goal, they came up with the Winner’s Information Network, a national database. They followed it up with a common card across all their locations and common analytical tools that would help them track consumer behaviour, spending patterns and preferences. With three options of cost structure, product innovation and building customer relationships laid down before Satre on achieving market leadership, he chose the last option as the most sustainable. However, by 1998, the company was not achieving as per expectations. This was attributed to the autonomous nature of operations with independent marketing activities followed by each property which had to be streamlined to centralize all marketing coordination without any hiccup at the strategic or operational level. With a major focus of changing customer preferences to only Harrah’s and nowhere else, they launched the three major initiatives of: • Changing the organisation structure • Building the Harrah’s brand by delivering extraordinary service • Exploiting relationship marketing activities The CRM consisted of two elements: Database marketing and Total Gold Program in the fall of 1997. This entailed a huge investment of $100 million in Information Technology across all their properties so that information could be collated on a central repository. The total Gold program allowed customers to consolidate all their playing in one card across any of Harrah’s properties so that points could be accumulated and redeemed...

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...HARRAH’S ENTERTAINMENT, INC. (renamed Caesars entertainment in 2010) the largest U.S. Casino emblem, is committed in the American public gaming company that retains casinos, hotels, and golf techniques under several brands (Stutz, "Harrah's opts to hail name of Caesars"., 2008-04-10). The prime conclusion maker in the business is Mr. Gary William Loveman, leader, CEO, and head person of the Board (Harrah Entertainment, Company Profile of Harrah's Entertainment, 2001). Following is the Harrah’s operation statement: “Each of our brands will be the overwhelming first choice for casino entertainment of its targeted customers.” Loveman accomplishes its operation or mission statement through his policies and activities which profited him the credibility and respect interior Harrah’s after becoming CEO in 2003, as well as in the commerce (Harrah Entertainment, Company Profile of Harrah's Entertainment, 2001). He had escort Harrah’s in the course of a evolution to a more marketing-focused company and helped the business break out of a financial presentation plateau. And he had built a set of associations and an influential support so he could hold his aim on quality clients and development opportunities for its employees in the pattern of on-going training and vocation advancement programs. 2. Provide details of how Harrah segments its customers and a description of an advertisement from Harrah that targets one of these segments....

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...Harrah’s Entertainment Inc. • Describe and comment on CRM at Harrah’s? Though CRM activity existed at Harrah, It was implemented in full force and became more result oriented only after the appointment of Loveman. Soon transactional data became resource to increase profitability in the face of stiff competition (from better & flashier properties) and the limited market. Effective CRM was focussed as a part of 3 fold new approach that Harrah undertook in 1998. CRM at Harrah consisted of two elements Total Reward program (previously called Total Gold). The focal point of Harrah‟s CRM was customer loyalty program called total reward. Previously the Harrah was not able to leverage the cross-market visitation which was high Customers earned different reward points at different properties of Harrah. Plus there was no differentiation with the competition. Total Reward leveraged the IT and effectively tracked customers preference, betting preference, etc. And with the Data on hand Harrah effectively customised incentives and program for the customers. It not only encouraged Cross-Market visitation (Significant growth from 13% in 1997 to 23% in 2000) but also boosted of an integrated IT network that was patented. The customers were further divided into 3 distinct segment Gold, Platinum & Diamond....

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...Harrah’s Entertainment Company has won an edge over its competitors by investing more on its CRM (Customer Relationship Management) rather than on anything else. They use the technique of gathering data to get customer’s insight. They use the Total Reward System. It means that the “Total Reward Members” collect points based on the amount they spend at Harrah’s facilities. They can then convert the points into various advantages, such as into cash, food, merchandise, rooms and hotel show tickets. This makes the consumer use the card and when they use the card according to their needs, the data of usage of each individual consumer is given to Harrah’s. This information is the key and very important to help Harrah’s identify their consumers’ needs and to serve them accordingly. They clearly understand what is needed more and liked by the consumers. They not only take information from Total reward System, but they also identify which kind of people are coming. Such as middle class, doctors, teacher etc. With this psychographic segmenting information, they can provide the consumers with what they are really looking for. Then they improve those products which give more contentment and satisfy more consumers. Relating Harrah’s Marketing Information System to the Given Figure: * Assessing information needs is done by Total Reward System. * Internal database is collected specifically from each consumer....

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...Harrah College of Hotel Administration, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, 4505 Maryland Parkway, Mail Drop 6037, Las Vegas, NV 89154-6037, USA Tel: +1 702 895 1794; Fax: +1 702 895 1135; E-mail: Stowe Shoemaker is an associate professor at the William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He holds a PhD from Cornell University in the School of Hotel Administration, an MS from the University of Massachusetts and a BS from the University of Vermont. Stowe also teaches strategic pricing and customer relationship management for Cornell University’s Professional Development Program. Stowe is ` a visiting professor at Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne for autumn 2003. way of thinking about the history of pricing strategies — from one price for all to the current practice of revenue management and finally to the future of pricing — value pricing. Fourthly, the paper presents a way of thinking about value. Specifically, it shows that value is more than just the financial elements of the service. Finally, ways of changing the value perception in order to earn higher revenues are presented. This last section presents actual research showing that changes in the way prices are framed can increase revenue and loyalty. WHY LOYALTY IS IMPORTANT Noone et al. (2003) articulated in this journal why customer loyalty is important....

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