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There is a new war happening all over the world, but it is not world war three. It is a war that is waging between the fans of two extremely popular book series that have also made their way to the big screen and in to our homes. The fans of the Harry potter series and the fans of The Twilight Saga are feuding over which one is better. I have seen words thrown back and forth on social media sites such as facebook and twitter that you would think would belong to people arguing over some important political issue or something along those lines. Harry Potter and Twilight are two of the biggest selling franchises and should both be treated equally by the fans of either. Harry Potter is a seven book series written by author J.K. Rowling that takes place in Europe, in a magical fantasy version of today’s reality. The series targets older children and young adults, but has grown into a phenomenal fad that has fans from one to one hundred. The story follows a young boy, Harry Potter, throughout his years at a school for witchcraft and wizardry. The story line has ups and downs, twists and turns and details that bring the world of Harry Potter to life right in front of your eyes. The Twilight Saga is a four book series written by author Stephanie Meyer that takes place in Forks, Washington. This series targets a little older audience than Harry Potter does, reaching out to teenage readers and older. While the fan base for this series might not reach as young of a crowd, it definitely has no shortage of fans at all. The story line of this series follows a teenage girl, Bella Swan, through her journey of adolescence with a not so normal twist, Vampires. Both of these book series have enormous numbers of fans that are very true to their favorite. The stories themselves may be quite different but there are countless similarities between the two series. Each of the stories is set in a real place and time, and they are also filled with mythical creatures and fantasy outcomes to their adventures. Each of these series of books has been the recipient of awards and achievements such as being New York Times best sellers. Another huge similarity between the two series is that they have each been produced in to blockbuster films that have set and broken attendance records over and over again. In each story, the main character is constantly facing perils, including constantly having someone after them, that wants to see them dead. Both stories have a character with the last name of Black that owns a motorcycle and turns in to a canine. Both of the stories have a wedding in the beginning of their final book. Most importantly, both of these book series has characters that you will love and characters that you will hate. As with anything that has similarities, there are differences too. One is based in the United States while the other is based in Europe. The main character of one is male and the other is female. The reasons behind the characters having someone that wants them dead are completely different too. It would be easy to sit here and point out every similarity or difference since I am one of the few true fans of both series, but I will spare you the complete retelling of both stories. When it comes to the series becoming movies there are another set of similarities and differences just for this. One could be that they are both huge successes at the box office with record setting totals, however they were produced by different companies. Each of the series final books were split into two movies instead of only one like the rest of them. One huge similarity would be that each series shares an actor as well. Robert Pattinson portrayed Cedric Diggory in the Harry Potter films before he became a teenage heart throb and starred as Edward Cullen in all of the Twilight films. Fans of both series are very devout and true to their favorite passages from the books, scenes from the movies, and characters. There is a complete subculture of fans that live their daily lives involved in some sort of interaction that directly relates to the story of their liking, including chat rooms, web-sites and twitter accounts made solely for communicating with others about their favorites. The feud will continue no matter what is said, but one thing is sure. There will never be a winner in this feud.

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