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SWIFT Transfer

Through the SWIFT transfer mechanism, we can transfer your fund to virtually anywhere in the world. Likewise we can receive the fund for your account with us from virtually any bank in the world. SWIFT stands for Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication System, which is a reliable communication network speeding up fund transfer and other financial messages. You do not need to have an account with Nabil Bank for fund transfers through SWIFT.


NABILREMIT is a web-based online money transfer system introduced by Nabil Bank Ltd. to ease the fund transfer from one place of the country to the other. NABILREMIT has more than 1300 locations across the nation to render domestic remittance services to our valued customers, one of the largest networks. The numbers of the locations keep increasing as per customers demand & geographical coverage needs. From the lowlands of the Terai to the high lands of the hills, NABILREMIT covers the diverse geography of Nepal to facilitate money transfer in urban as well as the remote locations.


State-of-the-art web based technology

24x7 service

Real time transaction processing

Largest Network (more than 1300 locations) including 50 Nabil Branches.

Deposit in Nabil Bank & any other Banks & Financial Institutions

Fast & reliable service

Updated agent network regarding news & services

Dedicated & Experienced staffs

Competitive service charge

Modus Operandi

The remitter shall deposit money to be remitted at any NABILREMIT agents/branches along with duly filled form including; sender name, sender address & telephone, receiver name & address, payout amount & location.

The remitted amount can be picked up by the beneficiary against any valid ID or can be deposited in any Banks & Financial Institutions in Nepal.

NABILREMIT agent/branch shall...

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