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Hat Task1

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Community Health Nursing
HAT: Task 1
Darcie M. Walker
January 12, 2012

A1-A2: Community Assessment and Data Interpretation
The state of Indiana can show you many different areas of living along with multiple cultures that make the great state what it is. Living in a small town for many years, and relocating to a larger city has been extremely eye opening to see all of those cultures in action.
POPULATION ECONOMIC STATUS ASSESSMENT: From statistical findings from the Census Bureau, Marion County has a population of 705,376 people aged 16 years old and over. Of that number of individuals, 474,362 are in the work force, which leaves the number of unemployed individuals at 8.1%. Some of the occupations held are as follows: service occupations, managements, sale, business, construction, health care, retail, transportation, finance, insurance, and many more
Out of 358,552 households in Marion County, the income and benefits in adjusted dollars are as follows: * Less than 10,000 34,829 * 10,000-14,999 23,694 * 15,000-24,999 51,518 * 25,000-34,999 47,791 * 35,000-49,999 55,856 * 50,000-74,999 62,475 * 75,000-99,999 37,400 * 100,000-149,999 29,927 * 150,000-199,999 8,144 * 200,000 or more 6,918
The median household income is $39,631, and the mean household income is $54,764. The families receiving cash public assistance are 11,968, and the families with food stamps are 59,600 in the last 12 months. Marion County is located in Indiana, which holds Indianapolis, the states capitol. The 2010 census reported a total area of 403.1 square miles. It is home to five interstate highways, six US highways, and three Indiana highways. It has a recorded population according to the census of 903,393 making this county the largest in the state and the 55th most occupied county...

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