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Hate Crime Analysis - Homosexuality

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Running Head: Hate Crime Analysis – Homosexuality

Hate crime Analysis – Homosexuality


Nicole Paddock

Eric Drennan

October 18, 2010


Hate crimes are crimes that are motivated by prejudices. Hate crimes can be against people because of their race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. Incidents of hate crime can be physical assault, property damage, bullying, harassment, verbal abuse, graffiti, and/or hate mail. This paper will discuss hate crime has it pertains to sexual orientation focusing on homosexual men. It will provide a brief description of why homosexuals are victimized and discuss two cases of hate crime. The paper will then talk about the restorative justice models that could be used to help and the best instrument to measure the victimization of homosexual men. The paper will conclude with discussing the criminological theory that best describes why there is victimization with homosexual men.

Homosexuality and victimization have become two things that unfortunately go hand in hand. Homosexual men are the prime targets for those who commit hate crimes. “Past studies show that gay men are more likely to be the victim of violent crime than lesbians. Gay men are often targeted out in public such as attending gay bars and nightclubs and in neighborhoods that are predominately occupied by gay men” (Waldern-Haugrud & Berg, p. 4 2004). One of the reasons homosexual men are targeted is because homosexual men tend to be more visible in a crowd than lesbians, which make them much more susceptible to hate crimes.

Homosexual men are often assaulted because perpetrators perceive them as being an easy target because some homosexual men appear very feminine. Another reason that homosexual men may find themselves the target of a perpetrator is because of a stereotype that all homosexual men are wealthy and carry...

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