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Have You Ever Experienced Falling in Love?

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Have you ever experienced falling in love? How do you know if you're in love? Does age really matter when you fall in love? What does love feel like? These are some of the questions asked by teenagers like me.

I, as a teenager, admit that I have loved someone, and have been loved back. At first, I didn't know that, but I woke up one morning and realized that I was in love with him. I taught myself that time that I was too young for love since I was just 15 years old back then, but in reality, age does not really matter at all. Love is the greatest feeling in the whole world.

Moreover, as a teenager we can't help but get curious in things like love. So I decided to read an article about teenage love. And while I was browsing the internet, I've come across an article entitled "What Teenage Love is" by Francis Githinji an Online Dating Expert.

Furthermore, in everyone’s teenage years, we will encounter different people, get interested with someone, we want to be loved and fall in love. There will also come a time in our adolescent years where we will get an urge to fall in love with someone so that we will not be left behind with what is trending, because this is part of our physical growth as a teen. Francis Githinji states that "Teenage is a confusing place to be because you are not old enough to be called mature and you are not too young to be called a child.” Francis is right, we are in a place of confusion because sometimes, we feel like we are old enough to handle these love situations and sometimes we feel that we are too young to be serious in love. Teens also conclude that they're in love with someone but then they don’t realize that they are just infatuated.

Out of curiosity, teens want to experience and explore something new about themselves that is connected with love. It is because...

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