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leader the new

Leadership challenges of the future revealed

According to Hay Group’s Leadership 2030 research the leaders of the future will need a host of new skills and competencies if they are to succeed >>



1 The global balance of power is shifting


2 Climate change and scarcity of resources is a mounting problem


3 The war for talent rages on


4 Accommodating growing individualization


5 Embracing the digital natives


6 Harnessing technology to innovate




2 Building the new leader | Leadership 2030

Leaders of the future will need to be adept conceptual and strategic thinkers, have deep integrity and intellectual openness, find new ways to create loyalty, lead increasingly diverse and independent teams over which they may not always have direct authority, and relinquish their own power in favor of collaborative approaches inside and outside the organization.

Megatrends are long-term processes of transformation on a global scale with a broad scope and dramatic impact

To successfully develop this combination of skills and qualities – and adopt what is, in effect, a ‘post-heroic’ leadership style – they may need to abandon much of the thinking and behavior that propelled them to the top of their organizations in the first place.
But if they want their businesses to survive and thrive over the next two decades they have no choice. Unless they dramatically change their leadership style, starting from today, their organizations will lose out in the race for innovation, the march to globalization and the war for talent. They will be, quite simply, unsustainable.
This is the conclusion Hay Group has reached after working with Germany-based foresight company Z-Punkt to identify the megatrends they believe…...

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