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The Power of Expectations and Recognition

The Power of Expectations and Recognition
The application of expectancy and recognition has multiple considerations that must be included for measuring the effectiveness of either. The expectation of others or self for a specific outcome is what motivates people to stay and operate on a path that may or may not hold promise. Recognition of accomplishments by others or by self is what motivates a person to do better on the path that they have chosen. Leaders and managers at all levels must not only set clear and concise expectations but also ensure recognition is given when interacting with staff. In setting clear expectations, staff knows what is expected of them. In the process of setting expectations, the leader establishes guidelines for which to follow. One way to demoralize employees is by failing to tell them what they are accountable for, how (and whether) they are meeting expectations, how they can improve, and the consequences if they do or don’t. Just as setting expectations are important, not providing recognition to employees can be just as bad as failing to set clear expectations from the beginning. Providing recognition builds morale and ensures the employee feels as a sense of accomplishment.
As a leader sets objectives for subordinates while expressing confidence that the objective can be reached, an expectation is established. Victor Vroom’s Expectancy Theory has been the example of how expectancy is a motivator: “Expectancy is the link between the effort exerted and the performance of the worker. Expectancy is the perceived likelihood that effort will lead to a specific level of performance and is based upon personal experience, self-confidence, and the perceived difficulty of the goal” (Satterlee, 2013, p.167).
The expectations of others can push you to excellence or...

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