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1. Mackerel live in the surface waters of the sea. Toadfish live on the seabed in deep water. The concentration of oxygen is higher in the surface waters than it is in water close to the seabed. Suggest why. (2) 2. The graph shows oxygen dissociation curves for toadfish haemoglobin and for mackerel haemoglobin. Explain how the shape of the curve for toadfish haemoglobin is related to where the toadfish is normally found. (2)

3. An increase in respiration in the tissues of a mammal affects the oxygen dissociation curve of haemoglobin. Describe and explain how. (2)

4. There is less oxygen at high altitudes than at sea level. People living at high altitudes have more red blood cells than people living at sea level. Explain the advantage of this to people living at high altitude. (2)
High altitude
High altitude

5. Sea level
Sea level
The graph shows oxygen dissociation curves for people living at high altitude and for people living at sea level. Explain the advantage to people living at high altitude of having the oxygen dissociation curve shown in the graph. (2)

6. The graph below shows oxygen dissociation curves from mammals of different size. Describe the relationship between the size of mammals and the oxygen dissociation curves of their haemoglobins. (1)

7. Heat from respiration helps mammals to maintain a constant body temperature.
Use this information to explain the relationship between the surface area to volume ratio of mammals and the oxygen dissociation curves of their haemoglobins. (4)

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