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Business Plan:
Zenity Tea House, LLC

December 2012

Team Members:
Connor Casey
Richard Grepo
Katsiaryna Prasad
Amanda Tran

Executive Summary
Zenity Tea House, LLC is a small café located in Seattle, Washington and will be open for business starting January 1, 2015. We provide our customers various Chinese teas with refreshments of pastries and appetizers known as dim sum. Unlike local tea houses in Seattle, we offer our customers to experience the traditional art of Chinese tea making through tea tasting classes and seminars. They can visit us for social reasons like business meetings or networking.
Due to the rise of health-related problems such as obesity, heart disease, and diabetes, people are becoming more health-conscious by finding alternative ways to be healthy. However, most people are resistant to consume healthy due to lack of knowledge. Hence, they are unable to improve their lives to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, Zenity will provide our customers with the benefits of a social environment sans the health costs.
Furthermore, there are people who are passionate about learning new cultures by embracing the language, food, and social etiquette. Thus, they travel to other countries to acquire such educated knowledge. Additionally, Zenity will provide a culturally sophisticated and intellectual atmosphere for customers. We will also offer tea tasting and education classes to further this cultural aspect of Zenity. Moreover, this will allow our customers to enjoy our offered teas compared to our competitors.
Zenity offers both products and services that can be used by consumers that are either health-conscious or culturally curious. Tea is one alternative product that is beneficial to one's health. Thus, customers can come and enjoy our categories of tea offered without feeling selfconscious. They could also try new types of tea that they have not...

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