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HR Manuel-HBM Pharmaceuticals Lahore

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table of Contents:

1. Company overview 5

2. Job Analysis: 7

2.1. Job Description of SPO: 7

2.2. Proposed Job Description of SPO: 8

2.3. Job Description of Store keeper: 9

2.4. Job Description of Accountants Manager: 10

2.5. Proposed Job Description of Accounts Manager: 11

2.6. Job Description of Director Sales & Finance: 12

2.7. Job Description of CEO 13

3. Recruitment and Selection Policy: 16

3.1 Recruiting phase: 16

3.1.1. Employee referrals/recommendations: 16

3.1.2. External searches: 16

3.2. Selection phase: 17

3.2.1. Initial screening: 17

3.2.2. Completed application: 17

3.2.3. Employment test: 18

3.2.4. Comprehensive interview: 18

3.2.5. Unconditional Job offers: 18

4. Socialization and Orientation Plan: 18

4.1. Socialization Process: 19

4.2. New-employee Orientation Process: 19

4.2.1. The CEO’s Role in Orientation: 19

4.2.2 HRM’s Role in Orientation: 20

5. Training and Development Plan: 20

5.1. Employee Training: 20

5.1.1. New employees: 20

5.1.2. Existing employees: 20

5.2. Determining training needs: 21

5.2.1. SPO: 21

5.2.2. Office staff: 21

5.2.3. RSM/ZSM: 21

5.2.4. The CEO and Director Sales: 22

5.3. Training Methods: 22

5.3.1. SPO: 22

5.3.2. RSM/ZSM: 22

5.4. Employee Development: 22

5.4.1. Employee Development Methods: 23

5.4.2. Developing Office Staff: 23

5.4.3. Developing SPO to Senior SPO: 23

5.4.4. Developing Senior SPO to RSM: 23


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