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Strengths: 1. The team has the right mix of extroverts and introverts which gives us a right balance of team work and individual contribution. So, when we work in group, extroverts provides energy and enthusiasm to the group and introverts provide quiet adaptability and realism. 2. The group is highly dominated by intuitive people, who thrive on what is possible and what is new. They als0 experience a deep concern for each other. 3. The group has the perfect balance between the people, who think and the people, who feel. Thinkers add practicality, logical approach and analytical ability to the group where as the other half is sympathetic and understands needs, promote values and demonstrate feelings. 4. Our group has more no of perceivers, who adds spontaneity to the group and see all aspects of the issues at hand. Weakness: 1. Since, the group has only one judging personality, therefore, we tend to remain with the task and face difficulty in making quick decision. 2. The group lacks sensing personalities and thus, we as a group have a tendency to not pay attention to facts and details. Problems at workplace: 1. Extroverts have an edge over introverts because even though both of them have done equal amount of work, the extroverts may show and convince people that they have worked more. 2. Intuitive individuals have the ability to foresee future opportunities and threats and act accordingly. However, they seem to be less concerned about the present situation and tend to concentrate more on the future. 3. Excess of people who perceive over people who judge leads to less concern about quantitative facts over qualitative facts. However, in order to strive for success, a balance between tangibles and intangibles needs to be struck.

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