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Weak points:

Our first point of critique is related to sub header “Innovation through the next generation”. The texts shows clear figures of how many Chinese students went to universities, this amount was growing massively in the period between 1978 and 2012. In 2012 4 million more students enrolled in China than in the United States. This information is really useful but we believe something is missing. There is no explanation of how this could happen and why this growth was so rapidly. So we think that the authors should have explained this part more detailed. In fact, they should have explained what the differences where in the beginning in China compared to the United States and compared that to the differences later. With the help of this information we could have seen why the growth in China was so rapidly and why Chinese people started to enroll at universities.
Secondly, we do not agree with the statement: “the best leaders are those with the broadest education in liberal arts”. Liberal arts is education that is not focused on specializing but on the entire package of management. We think that if every manager knows a little bit of everything that the quality of products and services would be relatively low because the managers do not have sufficient knowledge about specialized things, so without that knowledge they are not able to run the company or a specific division. So we think that managers should have specialized knowledge of their division or they should have sub managers who have that knowledge. Because if employees have difficulties or questions they should be able to ask their manager but if the manager is not specialized in that specific discipline the manager cannot give a clear answer or solution. This is why we do not agree with the statement made in the text.

We think this text has some strong points. The authors explain...

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