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Do your most demanding projects contribute least to your company’s strategy?

Project Management:
The View from
30,000 Feet

Included with this collection:
2 Creating Project Plans to Focus Product
by Steven C. Wheelwright and Kim B. Clark

18 Getting the Most out of Your Product
Development Process by Paul S. Adler, Avi Mandelbaum, Viên Nguyen, and
Elizabeth Schwerer

34 Why Good Projects Fail Anyway by Nadim F. Matta and Ronald N. Ashkenas

Product 4864

Collection Overview


Has your company’s project management run amok? Are more than half your biggest projects failing outright? And are other large initiatives running months behind schedule, stuck in seemingly permanent logjams? Are you particularly frustrated by projects whose myriad tasks were executed flawlessly—but still don’t deliver the expected results? Worse, do you suspect that projects consuming the most resources have the least connection to your company’s strategy?
Such chaos describes many companies— but that’s little comfort. The key is to understand the myopia causing these disasters.
Most companies deal with projects individually—pushing each through the pipeline as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.
But this approach doesn’t help you make vital big-picture decisions: “What mix of projects would be best for our organization?”“How do we allocate scarce resources to the most strategically important projects?”“How can we roll out large initiatives more confidently?”

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Creating Project Plans to Focus Product Development by Steven C. Wheelwright and Kim B. Clark
Begin ascending to 30,000 feet by creating an aggregate project plan—an analysis of…...

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