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Hcs 490 Aging Population in Southwest Florida

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Demographics Paper- Aging population in Southwest Florida
Keisha Henry
University of Phoenix

Demographics Paper- Aging population in Southwest Florida
Port Charlotte Harbor, Fl is a small rural town in Southwest Florida. Surrounded by the Mexican Gulf inlets it is known for its private residential communities and easy living. This community formerly was mostly cattle pasturealnd, but now it is popular for its retirees and vacationers. After Hurricane Charley in 2004, the population in Charlotte County increased significantly and the town suffered significant damage from the storm(Huff, 2011). Luckily, the people affected by the disaster were quickly assessed by public health agencies in the area. Hurricane preparedness is divided into pre- and post-storm responses, according to Jeffrey Goldhagen, director of the Duval County Health Department in north Florida (Krisberg, 2011). Before, during and after a hurricane, public health workers are responsible for, among other things, the safety of the sick and elderly, preventing diarrheal diseases, education on food and water contamination, and watching for the spread of infectious diseases in shelter. The impact of the demographics in this situation is affected by many factors. Some elderly may not have access to the internet or other mass media channels that are emerging today. Healthcare costs and services can vary depending on how many people are in need versus those who cannot afford the coverage they need. Because many elderly have chronic illnesses this affects their ability to afford specialized care. With advance technology people are expected to begin living longer, however the most pressing challenges facing the population of 55-64 years is mainly related to awareness, accessibility and health coverage. Like the retirees in Charlotte County, Florida healthcare...

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