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Ethical Health Care Issues Paper


May 22nd, 2013

Mary Nell Cummings

University of Phoenix

Ethical Health Care Issues

There are many ethical health care issues that are currently affecting our society. One of the current healthcare issues that are affecting our society is blood transfusion, the ability to receive medical treatment. This issue affects our society because it enables patients to receive blood transfusions in many situations that can save lives. Many reasons behind blood transfusions are done for injury, major surgeries and related blood disorders. In this paper, we will discuss the importance of blood transfusion and reasons why it is a current ethical health care issue. The four major ethic principles will be used to evaluate and apply reasons to this issue.
Blood transfusion is a medical treatment that replaces blood loss during serious injuries, surgery, disease, lack of blood due to blood disorders and illness (Torphy, 2012). Blood donated comes from another person and used for transfusions. Patients who have illnesses and common blood disorders are highly recommended to have blood transfusions to replace missing blood and to help treat the disease. Blood transfusion transfers 40,000 units of blood using blood transfusion daily (Torphy, 2012). Transfusions are very safe and used often. With blood transfusions, risks can occur when hemolytic transfusion reaction to blood given that is not compatible with the patient’s blood type (Torphy, 2012). Fever and chills could occur after receiving blood and immune reaction can occur as well.
The procedure for blood transfusion is done in various steps. After blood has been collected from donor, blood is transferred to blood banks where they are screened for any infectious disease, blood type, count, and any harmful reactions. Blood types include A, B, AB, or O.…...