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Hcs/490 Health Care Consumer - Trends and Marketing

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Communication Paper
March 16th, 2012
Carol Sweigert

Communication Paper
The intent of this paper is to ascertain one specific mode of communication used by consumers and healthcare providers. The communication modality that was chosen was electronic medical records (EMR’s).
This paper will first define what an EMR is, then list and discuss several different modality aspects (as it pertains to EMR’s) to include, benefit to the patient and how the EMR differs from other modes of communication. In addition, this paper will explain one reason why the EMR is an effective means of communication between consumers and providers, as well as review the importance of maintaining patient confidentiality when using the EMR. This paper will conclude with how the media and social networking change communication in heart care.
The goal of any healthcare organization worth its salt; is to ensure that the continuum of quality care is being adhered to within the ever changing realm of technology as it applies to healthcare. In order to ensure organizational success, it is necessary for any and all healthcare organizations to first acquire a basic understanding of the benefits and challenges of technologically based communication modality such as Electronic Medical Record (EMR) . (Personal communication, March 1, 2012).
Electronic Medical Record (EMR) According to Ovid Technologies, Inc. (2000-2011), Electronic medical records allow healthcare providers to access a patient’s medical history instantly which dramatically decreases medical error amongst healthcare provider and staff. For example, EMR’s allow a medical insurance provider to access a patient’s medical history and red flag the pharmacy if the pharmacy is attempting to fill a prescription that may cause negative interaction if mixed. Often time it...

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