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English 11B
Brown vs. Board of Education Influence Civil War Not many years ago, children of all ages and different race were permitted from going to the same school together along with many other places in to United States. Districts were able to legally separate students by the color of there skin. According to the law as of now had being set into place, they said these schools had to be equal. However, back then majority of schools for the black race were looked at as “nothing” or have “lesser value” than schools with white students. In addition, what were some effects on people of color and factors that were lead to bring down segregation? Meanwhile as many historical events were passing by such as past Slavery and Wars ending. Many people question the fact of why African Americans freedom was not fully set free. The freedom was set from slavery but much more was only waiting for them. This being called segregation, from having to sit separate on the bus, drink from different water fountains that where not only labeled for “Blacks and Whites”. These things were so crucial for people of color to deal with. It was like they over came something big only to be thrown another big people against them only because of there skin tone. Setting forth more ideas of the segregation among blacks and whites it did not just begin with drinking at separate fountains and riding in the back of the bus, there was more, which was very hurtful for them to take in, this was blacks not being able to get a good education. Nothing was working they fought and argued for a decent education but no matter what they still had to attend school with all black students. In addition, sometimes there schools would be miles away from home not to mention whites did not care about that. Nevertheless, after years gone by of whites saying “to hell with niggas”...

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