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Pharmacodynamic the action and effects of drugs on the tissues of the body
The copyrighted name that is given to the drug by its manufacturer is the? brand name, trade , or proprietary name and is accompanied by a symbol(an R with a circle around it, meaning "registered," or TM, meaning " trademark") next to it.
The Physician's Desk Reference (PDR) Is an annual commercial listing of phermaceuticals in the United States
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is charged with the responsibility of enforcing safety standards in the manufacture of drugs, foods, and cosmetics.
Drugs that are considered to be teratogenic Are capable of causing birth defects
Schedule II & III are dispensed By perscription only
Schedule III Prescription maybe phoned in to pharmacy
Schedule 5 buyer must be what age to purchase 18 show id and sign for medications
antagonism when two drugs have their effects weakened by being given together the effect is against helping in the fight against disease
synergism a condition of working together
polypharmacy an individual will take medications that are not known to his or her doctor
excreted removed from the body
A DAME Absorption , Distribution , Action , Metabolism , Excretion
The word treat can be broken into 5 different areas curative ( killing fungal infection),diagnostic(ingesting a substance to be used for imaging purposes), Prophylactic (preventive as in vaccine) , replacement (hormone replacement), or therapeutic (to restore the body to its presymptom state, such as lowering a fever).
Indications Reasons for treatment
contraindications are reasons against the use of a drug for treatment
Parenteral by way of injection
Inhaled through the lungs
Percutaneous through the skin
Sublingual Pertaining to under the tongue
Superscription contains the Rx, meaning" to take"…...

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