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Administrator – a person who manages the technical details required to maintain the site, such as granting (or revoking) moderator privileges along with performing such routine maintenance as fixing technical glitches and backing up the discussion board to minimize the risk of data loss.
Brand intelligence - information that businesses can collect about their customers, from basic demographics to topics of discussion to detailed feedback.
Co-hosted Podcast– an on-demand talk radio show style podcast involving two or more presenters.
Discussion board – is a service where participants can exchange messages with each other.
Discussion group – is made up of forums, which frequently arrange posts and replies about a specific subject in an indented hierarchical fashion so that users can easily follow the flow of a conversation.
Equal ratio – a strategy which aims to keep the profile’s following and follower counts as close to equal as possible.
Findable – a blog that can be found with search engines.
Flaming – a process of creating or contributing to abusive exchanges in a forum.
Flickr – a photo sharing site founded in February 2004, now owned by Yahoo! where professional photographers feel comfortable posting and discussing their work.
Forums – an arrangement of posts and replies about a specific subject in an indented hierarchical fashion so that users can easily follow the flow of a conversation.
Hashtags – the use of the # symbol in combination with search topics to tag or locate information on the subject.
Hosted blogs – blogs which are run on some other company’s website and server.
Linkable - As blogs can link to each other, each blogger has access to a potentially huge audience.
Mass follow – a strategy in which one follows lots of other profiles and hope they decide to follow back.
Mention – the use of the @ symbol in combination with an individual’s name to inform the person about gaining a follower.
Microblogging – a form of blogging, with the main difference being significant limits on the length of posts, typically consisting of short sentences and links.
Moderator – a person who monitors and facilitates forum discussions, enforcing discussion board policies and rules.
Photo sharing site – a website that lets users upload photos and other images for public or private consumption, allowing them to comment, rate, and tag the pictures.
Photobucket – a photo sharing site founded on June 1, 2003, is well known for personal photo albums and (more recently) as a way to store and share videos.
Podcasts – media files distributed via subscription on the Internet.
Podcatcher – client software used to check web feeds and download new podcasts.
Posts – a discussion point, question, or comment created in a forum.
Presentation – a recording of a live monologue or a simple talk on a subject.
Primary sharing – posting a video online, often on several different video sharing sites, so that more people will have the opportunity to find and watch it.
Publishable – a blog where posting is free and can be seen worldwide.
Purchase – an option for gaining followers by paying a service that provide followers for a fee.
Q&A - a question-and-answer session.
Q&A site – a website that lets people pose questions and receive answers back from anyone willing and (hopefully) knowledgeable enough to reply.
Retweet – to repost a tweet thereby signaling approval or popularity of a post.
Secondary sharing – occurs when fans, friends, customers, or early viewers begin spreading the video within their own social circles.
Self-host – a blog located on a company’s own website.
Social – allows people to form connections with others regardless of their location.
Social network site – is an online service on which members can establish relationships based on friendship, kinship, shared interests, business advantage, or other reasons.
Social news site – a website that lets users submit links to news stories or other web pages to be ranked and displayed.
Stock photos – professional photography produced by picture agencies or photo libraries.
Syndicatable - Viewers can easily subscribe to a blog using RSS and be notified about its updates in real-time.
Targeted follow – a strategy of following a few profiles with similar interests and ideas or those that already have members of the target audience following them.
Tertiary sharing - is when content is spread on the Internet by people who likely do not know or have connections with the original video’s creator.
Thread – the treelike structure that reveals the chronological order of posts and replies in a forum.
Troll - is someone who attacks or personally insults another user, driving a thread off topic with negative comments.
Tweets – Twitter’s term for microblog posts.
Video sharing site – a website that allows users to upload video clips to a website that can later be viewed publicly or privately.
Viral – containing information that is interesting and therefore spreads quickly.
Virtual community – focuses on building relationships using discussion boards to converse about topics of shared interest.
Vodcast – podcasts that have both audio and video recording.
Webinar - a seminar that is conducted live over the web and (unlike a podcast) is designed to be interactive.
White label social network - an online service that shares many, if not most, of the characteristics of a public social network like Facebook, with the key difference being the white label is privately run by a corporation or nonprofit organization.

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