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Good Evening Everyone! We have gathered in different races, interests, intentions etc. to the historic match of Africa V.S Brazil. Before we start, I would want to share to you a story of a fan. There was this Filipino kid who was a football fan. Since his early age of 3, he asks his parents to watch channel 33 for him to see the great stars of Philippine football like, Falconey Opon, Edward Capars the striker, ball-bouncing body of goal keeper Karlo, and their team captain, Dave Deslate. This four persons are the icons of Philippine football. Thus, they have seeded the flag of the Philippines in the fields of Brazil, North America, Germany, Italy, Spain and many more. This boy watching the TV with widen eyes and hands clutch has dreamt of stepping on the ground of an official finals of FIFA championship. He actually asks his parents to buy him a pair of shoes, but it wasn’t their priorities. But then on his Birthday, his father woke him up and gave him a pair of shoes. He was full of clear happiness, it was a smile from ear to ear and he recalls “ it was not the best shoes of the world but it was more than the best for me.” It didn’t end there, most that surprised him was an admission ticket for a football clinic. His lethargy broke as if he was ignited by some electrical current running on his nerves. On afternoon after school, he hastily ran to the field and tied up his new rubber shoes. He rose and inhaled seeing the whole field. It was still four and their clinic starts at five. Dedicated is he? For several months, his passion was still consistent and growing and burning; fueled by the dream he has hold on. After his clinic, He was about to cross the 7th street when he saw a classmate few meters from him, a yellow light and a buzzer arose he run towards his classmate, he then grabbed him and tied his classmate to himself. He saved him. The driver immediately got himself out and what he first saw was the broken foot of the boy. Like all of us, the boy was a great fan of this sport, we might not be the players of the field but we let our favorite player carry our dreams, spirit, aspirations and more importantly ourselves. So hold on to your dreams, protect it as it is the treasure of the Grand line, Do not be afraid to take risks like the boy did, do what you have to do. The story of the boy didn’t end into that tragic situation. He continued his being a football enthusiast and supported the sport by joining into FIFFA. He met his dream stepping on the Finals’ ground but not as a player but as a spectator and has given a chance to welcome you all. Ladies and Gentlemen he is me, Welcome!

Morales, Mark Raphael
Ab ReED and Pascom II

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