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How would you describe the research process?

Sekaran and Bougie (2013) mentioned that reasearch is a step-by-step , logical organized and rigorous method to find a solution for a problem.
Sekaran and Bougie (2013) identified seven steps process for busienss reaserch
_ Identify a broad problem area: "A Drop in Sales" could attract the attention of the manager to the main problem area
- Define the problem statement: Business research starts with a definite purpose or objective
- Develop hypotheses: Variables are examined to acertain their contribution or influence in explaining why the problem occurs and how it can be solved
- Determine measures: Measuring variables in the thepretical framework for hypothesis testing
- Data collection: Collection of data related to each variable
- Data analysis: Statistical analysis to see if hypothesis are supported
- Interpretation of data: Interpreting the maning of the data analysis
In my opinion reasech process is a systematic and organized process followed in order to solve a problem in a logical and objective way to reach a valid and reliable conclusion
The reaserch process starts with identifying a main problem area which is the main area to be tackeled or the main real problem, after that the researche should narrow down the broad problem area to a specifc and certain topic of research for which we can develop hypothesis where the main variables are identified and then data for these variables are collected and analyzed in way that give us certain indications about the how we can control these variable in order to solve the problem…...

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