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Physical Education (P.E) is the field of learning which aims at the development of physical skills, knowledge, understanding, positive social behavior and attitudes concerning human movement. It enables the learner to develop body skills, physical capabilities and practical skills in games and sports as well as their application to the development of physical fitness, healthy life-style and social interaction. It requires mastery of movement patterns and the development of body stamina within safe and structured play environment. This essay seeks to list and describe a variety of headstand, traditional support and handstand skills.]

The choice of teaching method(s) to use in teaching physical Education depends on a number of factors such as the level of the learner (age and ability), the amount of content to be taught, available resources, learners’ aspirations, as well as the teachers’ ability, personality and level of interest. The general approaches used in teaching P.E are the direct (formal/ teacher-centered) and the indirect (informal/ learner-centered) approach. As students grow, the amount and level of work should also change and increase. This will not only show growth but it will show that learning has taken place. Pupils need to be subjected to tasks that are from simple to complex.

There are various methods to learn when pupils are progressing from simple to complex tasks. The first type is what is called the headstand. The headstand is one of the easiest skills to learn when starting gymnastics. It is also a skill that helps pupils to learn about balancing and tightening their body. This is also a good skill to learn the basic shape for the handstand. The Headstand position is described as a position in gymnastics or yoga, in which one supports oneself vertically on one's head with the hands braced for support on the floor or on a mat.

How a child copes with stress in early life is critical to future success. Research shows that children living in poverty are more likely to experience prolonged toxic stress that can have a permanent effect on cognitive ability, physical and mental health, and academic achievement. Headstand equips children with tools and skills to offset the physical and emotional tolls of such stress. By learning to control their body’s stress response, children become more resilient, better able to learn, and more likely to succeed.
The need for such skills has never been greater. The rate of children living in poverty has soared in the past decade. Children in low-income environments have less access to physical activity programs, after-school sports, movement classes, and therapeutic support than their middle-class peers do. And they are more likely to suffer from hyperactivity, lethargy, and childhood obesity.
All students benefit from learning how to cope with stressful situations, but children living in poverty are in particular need because of these greater challenges. Add in the pressure of a rigorous charter school curriculum and their need becomes even greater. The stress management skills taught by Headstand help improve academic performance and also go beyond the school years to help throughout college, career, and life. This is a key component for student success that is missing in most traditional public and charter school curriculums.
Various head stands are done in yoga, gymnastics and just for fun. Even breakdancing has some headstand components like the freeze.
Some athletes use headstands to strengthen and build their neck muscles as part of their training.
Headstands are one of the easier gymnastics skills that you can learn. They are often used in one form or another in acrobatic dances as well.
Headstands allows the student to get comfortable with an upside-down position. Placing their head on the floor gives them a completed triangle on which to balance. They are supposed to kneel down and place their head on the floor, with their hands slightly back from their head and in a rough straight line from each other. They can now lean forward into the headstand, keeping their knees bent and legs tucked in. As they find their balance, they can now unfold their legs upward until they are fully extended with their toes pointed. The teacher should always encourage them even if it takes several days or weeks to perfect a headstand. They should continue to focus on balance and posture, maintaining a tight, straight line from their heads through your toes.
There are various types of headstand methods and for the sake of our study, we are just going to list a few of them:- i. Basic entrance to posture, this is a position with knees straight, hips slightly behind head vertically. This will prepare the neck for the next steps. No hopping into the posture, as this leads to imbalance, and falling out of the posture. ii. Half-headstand Weight Movement. This position will make the knees touch the chest and bent and feet touching buttocks, practice shifting weight to elbows, then shifting weight to head movement practice. Movement is strictly linear. 20 repetitions each way. Knees and feet MUST touch each other the moment your second foot leaves the ground. iii. Knees to Sky practice. Keeping the feet against the buttocks, move the knees until they point to the sky, and then come back down to touch the chest. iv. Headstand to Side Crow. One of the most difficult of variations of the headstand, this posture requires extreme balance, strength, and control, as it incorporates simultaneous and large movements both front back and side to side at once. v. Poorna (Full) Headstand. The ULTIMATE Headstand Pose. This is literally a complete unsupported headstand, without use of the hands, elbows or arms.
On the other hand, a handstand is the act of supporting the body in a stable, inverted vertical position by balancing on the hands. In a basic handstand the body is held straight with arms and legs fully extended, with hands spaced approximately shoulder-width apart. There are many variations of handstands, but in all cases a handstand performer must possess adequate balance and upper body strength.
Handstands are performed in many athletic activities, including acro dance, acrobatics, cheerleading, yoga, and gymnastics. Some variation of handstand is performed on every gymnastic apparatus, and many tumbling skills pass through a handstand position during their execution. Breakdancers incorporate handstands in freezes and kicks. Armstand dives—a category found in competitive platform diving—are dives that begin with a handstand. In games or contests, swimmers perform underwater handstands with their legs and feet extended above the water.
Handstands are known by various other names. In yoga, the handstand is known as Adho Mukha Vrksasana translating to Downward-facing Tree Pose. In capoeira it is named bananeira.
There are two basic handstand styles in modern gymnastics: curved-back and straight-back. Straight-back style is employed when the aesthetics of straight body lines are desired and feasible. In many cases (e.g., when a handstand is being performed in conjunction with a gymnastic apparatus), however, the curved-back style is preferred as it offers superior control over balance. In all cases, balance is maintained by shifting body weight towards the fingers or the heel of the hand.
All basic gymnastic handstands have these characteristics: * Straight arms with hands placed on the ground approximately shoulder-width apart. * Straight legs, held together. * Pointed toes so as to continue the lines of the legs.
In addition, straight-back handstands have these characteristics: * Tucked head (face pointed forward) as if standing upright. * Straight spine, with hips pushed forward. If performed while lying flat, this would cause the small of the back to contact ground.
Handstands are also commonly used in breakdance, often used for complex 'freezes'. In the nature of breakdance there is no correct style of handstand, with an 'anything goes' mentality. Legs will be bent, shoulders closed, head facing any direction - the goal is to create as interesting and complex shapes as possible.
Common handstand variations include: * Straight legs held in a side or front split. * Stag split, in which legs are front split with bent knees. * Back extremely arched, with bent knees and toes touching the back of the head. * Hollowback, with hyperextension of the back so that legs go further forward than the head. * One-handed, in which only one hand contacts the ground. * Handstand pushups, in which one raises and lowers the body while standing inverted on the hands.

Traditional support on the other may be neglected by most people but it remains one of the most effective exercise methods. The traditional support will move every joint in the morning and at night for your tissue and organs. Get out of breath once a day for ones lungs and heart. And press something heavy a couple times per week for your bones. Meditate and pray at least once a day because the mind is the one thing that requires stillness for optimal function. No one is made of food. Everyone are made of their reactions to what they have ingested, what they cannot eliminate, and how they’ve moved that throughout the body. This fact accounts for many childhood obesity cases that we see today and which will eventually affect the future of every child. Not gluttony and lethargy; but a series of biochemical reactions to what they could have been consuming, what could not be removed from the body and how it is moved it around the system.
Teachers and parents are responsible for the large part of a child’s growth and they need to instill discipline in the children under their care so as to have healthy adults and a healthy nation. Physical Education should be encouraged in all schools and all children must be part and parcel of it. Children will not understand the importance of it but the adults who are looking out for them must make sure that they teach children various skills in physical education. The headstand, the handstand and the traditional support methods are all very vital for a children’s complete growth. Each of these methods have a particular lesson to teach at that particular time. Some of the methods may be a bit hard but both the teacher and the student need to be patient in order for the lesson to be understood.

Budilovsky, Joan; Adamson, Eve (2000). The complete idiot's guide to yoga (2nd ed.). Penguin. p. 179.

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