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Technology Trends in Health & Fitness
The health and fitness market has long been driven by technical advances. Wearables which collect biometric data have been in use for many years. From step counters and heart monitors to fitness apps; from blood pressure monitors and hospital equipment to artificial organs. This is a sector where advances in technology are keenly awaited by a large market. Heavy investment by leading brands in both these sectors helps to drive demand and fund new advances in wearables which in turn opens the market to new entrants. While there is a lot of focus on the devices, the big opportunities lie within the data these devices are collecting, particularly for organisations who can develop data hubs designed to capture this data and package it back to the consumer.

The emerging movement towards virtual doctors and patient portals is evidence of the continuing evolution from data to smart data. Smart Data
Wearable devices are collecting a multiplicity of data, an ever-increasing vault of personal information which can be used for the benefit of users, or the benefit of commercial enterprises. See the chart below for some existing examples.

The collection of this valuable Biometric data, ‘Smart Data’, raises a minefield of opportunity which is laced with legal and ethical considerations.

Smart data is filling in the gaps which currently exist when users are offline Live analytics will drive predictive analytics - devices will tell you what your future could be - your health, your life expectancy, your needs, driving adoption of new technologies to counter predicted problems.

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