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Health and Society

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Introduction The author is intending to conduct a patient case study based on the care provision and elements of care that will focus on appraisal of the nursing model, socially or culturally as well as the presence of health awareness and promotion of the individual patient. The author will reflect on the identified frequent needs of an individual patient on a regular basis. The author will look at perceptions of health by the patient and their families/carers and multi-disciplinary teams with their approach to care provision, amongst others. Due to legal reasons and in respect of confidentiality the author will refer to the patient as ‘Bill’, the ward will be known as ‘Mental Health Unit’ or ‘MHU’ and the hospital as ‘local hospital’. This is necessary to protect the confidentiality and anonymity of the patients’ personal details and the hospital Trust. As the Nursing and Midwifery Council guidelines (2004) state; ‘you have a duty to protect the confidentiality of the patient or client record’, therefore it is vital to value every patients’ record details and personal confidentiality as well as their views and beliefs. ‘Healthcare professionals should make all efforts necessary to ensure that a patient can give meaningful and properly informed consent before treatment is initiated. This is especially important when a patient has a more severe depression or is subject to the Mental Health Act 1983’ (NICE Guidelines Amended April 2007). Following the NICE guidelines the author asked Bill for consent to observe and write a case study based on his overall care. The author also asked for Bills’ permission to assess and participate in some of his aspects of care, to which he enthusiastically agreed.

Background information
Bill is an older adult aged sixty one; he is a...

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