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Health Assesment

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Family Health Assessment
Darcy Martin
Grand Canyon University: NRS-429V, Family Centered Health Promotion

“Holism and the totality of the person’s interactions with the environment form the philosophical foundations of Gordon’s functional health patterns. This foundation provides a context for collecting data that provide information about the entire person and most life processes. By examining functional patterns and interactions among patters, nurses accurately determine and diagnose actual or potential problem, intervene more effectively, and facilitate movement toward outcomes to promote health and well-being.” (Gordon, 2011; taken from Edelman, 2014, pg.130) “In addition to providing a framework to asses individuals, families and communities holistically, functional health patters provide a strong focus for more effective nursing interventions and outcomes.” (Edelman, 2014, pg. 130) A health assessment using Gordon’s 11 functional health patterns was performed on a 67 year old Caucasian female. The data collected as well as analysis of that data will be discussed in the following paragraphs. When questioned about medical problems and perception of overall health, it was revealed that this persons overall perception of her health was good. However, she suffers from chronic headaches and was diagnosed and treated for breast cancer two years ago with a lumpectomy and radiation treatment. Since the breast cancer diagnosis, she has made some changes in lifestyle that have been important in her own health promotion. Daily exercise and eating a healthy diet contributes to what she perceives as good health. Things that were noted to negatively affect her health was the fact that she chews a lot of gum which she feels contributes to her headaches. No specific religious or spiritual practices were identified. The statement was made that “my...

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