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Health Benefits of Kale

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Hello class I am here to discuss the health benefits of Kale and how necessary it is to implement into your diet. Kale has been around forever but has recently been brought to the forefront. I will address the many healthy contributions that adding Kale to your diet will bring.
According to author Alison Lewis of MindBodyGreen, Kale is high in many vitamins and can be an active preventative to high cholesterol. Kale acts as a detoxer and is low in calorie but high in nutrients making it the ultimate dietetic vegetable. An interesting fact about Kale is that it is that it has more iron per calorie than beef does. For vegetarians and vegans this is wonderful news. Not only is eating Kale a great way for non meat eaters to get their iron in but it is over all healthier to switch to raw and natural fruits and vegetables high in iron rather than consuming red meat all the time. Instead of having Iceberg lettuce or romaine, try to incorporate Kale into your diets.

III. Kale is healthy for the cardiovascular system. It reduces high cholesterol and is also an anti- oxidant which is an active fighter against arthritis and asthma. Rather than turning to medication first, many people can change their diets and add Kale in order to permanently improve their health instead of masking it with medication.According to Drew Ramsey M.D assistant clinical professor of psychiatry, Columbia University, Kale also is active in maintaining brain health. The brain is 60% fat and Kale provides the body with Omega-3s and fatty acids (the good fat) which is necessary for healthy brain functions. Kale can actually lower the rate of depression as it rejuvenates the brain and diminishes the onset of early stages of depression. In the article "This is Your Brain on Kale" by Drew Ramsey, Ramsey says "Long associated with blood clotting, vitamin K is a powerful anti-oxidant that...

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