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P1 – Explain three different approaches to health education.

There are many different ways in which you can approach health education. Here are three that are used Social Marketing, Medical and Community development approach.

Social Marketing

Is widely use to influence health behaviour by using a range of health communication strategies based on a mass media. Social marketing uses marketing methods and places like clinics to get their messages across. Social marketing targets a large group of people, by spreading their messages around and not just keeping them local.
Social marketing aim at a certain target audience and they do all their research and campaigns around them. However they try to get as many people to look and understand their messages. Although they don’t just use a communication approach. Their main approach is to change peoples behaviour.
This approach can last for a long time and some last for years the change for life campaign has got a 3 year plan based on this approach. Change for life is a campaign based in England to stop obesity and help people change their diets to eat healthier. This campaign is using a three year plan that is based on the social marketing approach.
(Example Change4Life)

Medical Approach
The medical approach focuses on activity which aims to reduce morbidity and premature mortality. This is targeted towards whole populations of high risk groups. Their aim is to increase medical interventions which will prevent ill health and premature death.
The medical approach is popular because, it can help find prevention and early detection of disease this means problems can be cured and sorted a lot sooner. This will save some people a lot of money because they won’t have to pay for expensive treatment if their disease should get worse.
This approach is based around the idea of the absence of disease. Although...

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