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Health Care Consumer- Trends and Marketing

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Health Care Consumer- Trends and Marketing
June 2, 2014 Web-Based Forum Web-based health care forum is a web portal, which connects the healthcare provider to the consumer. Improving the patient care and healthcare efficiency by delivering health via the internet. A key goal is to provide an effective platform for the providers, patients, pharmacies, and caregivers, where he or she can receive a fast and secure communication processes. Best one-stop location for all of the members of health care community. Within this paper a review of the benefits for the consumer and provider, value and importance, difference from other modes of communication, changes from media and social media, and marketing health care products.
There are several factor that would motivate the provider and consumer to use this communication process such as, easy accessibility and privacy. For the provider and the consumer he or she can both find and share information through web based health bulletins for example; WebMD and HealthBoards. Provider benefits are the forum because he or she can send problematic cases via links on the forum anonymously. The question is automatically sent to all of the members. These questions are answered within a month. Member can comment and uses the information post as a reference in his or her individual cases (Vuorikatu, Saarni, & Pastermack, 2011). Doctors can set up alerts, review appointment and receive SMS notification when patients diagnostic and pathology results are available. For the consumer, the forum is called “collaborative” bulletins. The collaborative bulletins assist the consumer get health care information and experience for his or her peers. Many healthcare groups, such as non-profits and hospitals use the bulletins as a mode to patient support and patient education. Patients can set his or her appointment,...

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