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Health Care Email

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Health Care Email
Melissa Edwards
October 6, 2014
JoAnn Dade

I’m excited you are considering a career in the health care field and I hope that I can be of some assistance in helping you become knowledgeable regarding all of your options. I recently learned in my Health Care Vocabulary class that in 2008, the health care industry accounted for 14.3 million jobs. This figure is expected to increase by 3.2 million between 2008 and 2018 (Stanfield, 2012). The health care field offers a diverse selection of career paths for you based on your interests and education. Job opportunities are available to you in facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes and assisted living communities, primary care practices, clinical laboratories, and dental and optometry offices.
Depending on your personal interests, education, and training you may choose a career path in a technical or administrative position. The extent of school & training an individual must obtain is contingent on the career route they chose within the health care profession. Most technical jobs require a substantial amount of higher education and clinical training while administrative positions may require little to no higher education or training. You should keep this in mind when selecting the career path that is right for you.
Many health care job opportunities require that you interact face to face with patients under both calm and traumatic circumstances. While many people find interaction with patients to be rewarding, some people prefer to limit and even avoid interaction with patients all together. One of the advantages of working in the health care field is that you have the option to choose a career path based on your desire to help others or steer clear of direct interaction with patients. Some positions with little to no patient interaction include billing and health care...

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