Health Care Environmental Checklist

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Health Care Environmental Checklist

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Health Care Environmental Checklist
After reading and preforming the health care environmental checklist I selected supervision of non-licensed personnel is by professional nurses, staffing requirements are based on acuity levels and optimum staffing models, and nursing leadership and management as areas I would address as a nurse manager.
As a registered nurse you are responsible for the supervision of unlicensed direct care staff in the performance of nursing tasks and activities. It is the responsibility of the nurse manager and the company to ensure that all staff is adequately trained regarding the elements of supervision and delegation of duties.
As a nurse manager address the following will help improve quality of care for patients. The initial training of the task or activity, and periodic inspection of the actual act of accomplishing the task or activity are important for proper patient care. The amount and type of nursing supervision required will be determined by the registered nurse responsible for supervising the task or activity, and will depend upon the complexity of the task, the skill, experience and training of the staff, and the health conditions and health status of the patient (Potter & Kuhrik, 2010).
The purpose of delegation is to gain work efficiency, which can only be achieved when registered nurses and patient care technicians work together in partnership to manage the changing priorities of care within a patient care assignment (Potter & Kuhrik, 2010). Delegation is not only key for the registered nurse it is key for the nurse manager. Delegation is the link that joins organizational concepts with the management process. It is essential for the nurse manager it allows a manager to manage. Much of a manager’s success depends on the efforts of the team, and how…...