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Health Care Interview Paper

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Health Care Interview Paper vanessa connor week 3 Professor Hasting

When asking a baby boomer or even a generation x about health care they have been provided throughout their lives ,they have a different picture .Even young people will note the big difference in the use of computers in the doctor’s office and other health facilities. The one thing that is agreed is healthcare has become about money ,rather than the caring of the patients . The problem is when this happens less people live and less respect for the physicians come to play.
Access to healthcare, 1880–1930 Baby Boomer When i interviewed my friends grandma and grandpa on this matter ,all that was said "I remember when i could see a doctor and they would fix whatever ails me ".Further states ,"as a kid, the Insurance man would come to the house and take the premium of $10 a month, and then would write out a receipt,.Bill says" We didn't have all these hassles that today brings me". Gertrude said that she can't afford to go into a nursing home and her kids were too rotten to take care of her . As funny as she is the actual problem still lies that she can't afford health care even with medicare.Bill states ,"The doctors today don't care about nothing but their pockets".When my parents were out of work for time to time ,the insurance man would pay the premium out of his pocket.Bill says , "that won't happen these days because they are greedy ."If a kid needed stitches, or broke an arm, you went to the doctor’s office and it was $35".(G.R.,Onderdonk, personal interview, August,2,2013). Some researchers have questioned whether improved access to care was an unalloyed good. They have argued that not everyone benefited equally from improved…...

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