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Health Care Roles in Communication

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Healthcare communication involves an effective line of communication between medical professionals, clients and the patient. An essential component of patient healthcare providers' communication is the ability to provide information that can improve patient understanding. Effective communication between patients and healthcare providers is a critical element to quality healthcare (Markova and Broome, 2007). Effective personal healthcare communication should be an important practice between healthcare professionals, clients and patients. Many factors affect personal care, such as the personal characteristics, past experiences, attitudes, values, and biases. The healthcare professional that is aware of patients' attitudes, behaviors and beliefs that may influence patient care that can help clinicians improve the quality of care. Healthcare communication should also include empathy and understanding when interacting with the patient. The best way to achieve effective communication is to make sure that plenty of feedback is given from the person receiving the information. Good health communication between both the healthcare professional and the patient can affect the outcome of ours visit and can also determine how we perceives the care that was given to us, as shown in the scenario below.
Overview of Scenario In the scenario I chose, a woman by the name of Vivian has been suffering from abdominal pain and instead of receiving treatment when the pain first started; she has waited until she has the proper insurance to seek treatment. Upon receiving her insurance Vivian goes forth and sets herself up with a doctor’s appointment where she then goes into an office that to her amazement is plain gray in color and holds nothing within it but a few black chairs and two notes on the wall that state “turn off cell phones” and “have co-pay ready”. Arriving at the doctor’s...

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