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Health Care and Leadership

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Healthcare IT Management

Healthcare is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. The use Information Technology (IT) has become so mainstream today, that Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) programs have been created for students as early as elementary school age. The need to prepare and educate America’s youth in STEM base curriculum will provide the necessary foundation for Healthcare IT Management and jobs. Healthcare IT (HIT) can provide an automated and interoperable healthcare information system that can lower healthcare cost, reduce errors, improve efficiency, with the ability to providing patients with better care and service. With incorporating healthcare with technology, patients can be diagnosed and treated from their homes and people in under developed countries (Africa), especially in remote areas, can also receive medical treatment so badly needed The use of technology is constantly evolving. At one point in history there were no such things as cell phones, especially Smartphones. Especially, for people who are considered to be below the poverty line. These Smartphones were once large mainframe computers housed in a remote location and protected by high levels of security, Now- a-days, there are Cloud servers and Satellites all over the world, operating millions of these devices. Both of these industries use many acronyms and terminology that applies to each individually. It would be important that the language of Healthcare IT is developed to eliminate miscommunication and unnecessary complications that can occur. This opens the door for so many jobs like system analysis, quality assurance and other managerial jobs can be put in place to enhance performance, eliminate exposure to risk and improve patient care. An employee that has a basic, understanding of how a hospital or medial facility is run, a working knowledge of...

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Transforming Nursing Profession, evidence based nursing practice, and providing strong leadership roles at all levels of the health care system. The nursing education encourages lifelong learning that includes seamless academic progression (Robert Wood Foundation, 2010). The nursing practice incorporates both standards of practice and professional accountability. Strong leadership focuses on safety and quality of care to realize the vision of transformed health care. (Robert Wood Foundation, 2010). All of these are equally important to produce a highly qualified nursing workforce that provides value based quality care and takes the leadership role in transforming the nursing profession. Transforming Education – The Impact of the IOM Report on Nursing Education: The current nursing workforce involves different levels of education and training like licensed vocational nurse (LVN), associate degree, diploma, and bachelor’s degree. This leads to confusion and inconsistency in care. “Nurses should achieve higher levels of education and training through an improved education system that promotes seamless academic progression” (Robert Wood Foundation, 2010). The purpose of the nursing education is to meet diverse cultural patient’s needs, take the leadership role in the health care system, and use evidence based knowledge to provide cost effective quality care. The nursing profession is dynamic in nature and changes with the Health Care System along with the work environment. To meet those changes,......

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... particularly in primary care and the nurse’s role as a leader will be our subject of discussion. The IOM is not a profit organization but an organization founded for the purpose of providing national advice with regards to biomedicine science, medicine, and health. It functions independent of the United States government and provides “unbiased, evidence- based and authoritative information and advice concerning health and science, policy to policy-makers, professional, leaders in every sector of the society and the public at large. In 2010 the IOM released a detailed report exploring the need of nursing profession to evolve and prepare for the impact that will occur as a result of health care reform and the transformation that will be seen on our complex health care system. Achieving this transformation will require remodeling many aspects of the health care system. With the recent passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), millions of Americans who could not previously afford health insurance now find themselves with the opportunity to seek and obtain medical attention that was previously denied to them. With a huge number of individuals who now are able to receive primary care. This brings the concern whether or not there will be enough providers available to handle the massive increase in workload. The IOM committee formulated key message address focusing on three important areas including, nursing practice, nursing education and nursing leadership. The IOM first key......

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...Leadership Style Faye D. Baker HCS/475 – Leadership and Performance Development December 16, 2013 Shawn Matheson, MBA, LNHA, FACHA Leadership Style Transformational leadership is particularly important in the health care industry in today’s modern world because of past reputations. Some time ago the health care industry went through negative change. The health care industry was known as uncaring and cold toward patients. Transformational leadership style is known as a new effective model which was greatly needed to implement change in every aspect of the health industry. This paper will provide further research information on how transformational leadership style implements new change to the health care industry effectively. Someone Who has a Successful Leadership Style A person who is responsible as transformational leader would be successful because the leadership transforms, inspires, and motivate followers. Transformational leadership emphasizes the importance of interpersonal relationships and how change can become effective within organizations and human services. Transformational leaders focus on desires, values, goal, and emerging motives ( Sullivan and Decker, 2009). This style of leadership goal is to generate employee’s commitment to the vision or ideal rather than themselves as a leader. A successful leader enhances morale, motivation and performance through a various mechanisms, this includes connecting......

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