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Health Eating Plan

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Healthy Eating Plan
Siobhan N. Xavier
September 18, 2011
Mr. David West

Healthy Eating Plan Eating a well-balanced and nutrition-rich meal on a daily basis is just as important as maintaining the proper body weight and maintaining the proper personal care and hygiene on a daily basis. I believe that I live by a fairly healthy lifestyle and I exercise and eat the proper foods. However, upon completing my prior required assignment “Three Day Diet Analysis” and comparing my results to the recommended serving size and amount based on website, I was shocked to find that my eating habits were not all that great despite the fact that I work-out five times a week, doing various physical activities such as, yoga, P90X, hip-hop abs, playing basketball, and running.
Within this assignment, I will create a healthy eating plan for myself, implementing my personal recommendations from website and my recommendations from website. Furthermore, I will discuss my current eating habits and ways on how I plan to implement my healthy eating plan into my daily lifestyle.

On any given day, I consume on average 2-3 8oz cups of Spanish espresso, way over the recommended daily amount, along with 1 12 oz. regular mountain dew. However, other than that I drink 1 full glass of 2% milk, 4-5 12 oz. bottles of water, 1-2 serving of fruits and vegetables, 4-6 serving of meats and beans and to be honest an unknown amount of fats, oils, and sweets. Other than the obvious no-no foods and drinks that I consume on a daily basis, I feel that my daily diet is not all that terrible. I am a 28 year old African-American female, 5 foot 10 inches tall, and I weight approximately 171 lbs. According to the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute website, based on my current weight, height, and age, my approximate body mass index...

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