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Possible Health Concerns for Children Born To Overeating Mothers

Executive Summary

Increased using up of new energy-intense, nutrient-poor foodstuffs with very high sugar and saturated fats level, merged with reduced exercises, have led to corpulence rates that have increased three-times or more since 1980 in North America, Eastern Europe, the UK, the Pacific Islands, the Middle East, Australasia and China, as said by the UN-backed World Health Organization (WHO). A recent research reveals that Obesity in pregnancy causes a tremendous danger to the wellbeing of the unborn infant. Infants of overweight mothers are born as pre-diabetics or with severe birth imperfections that can cause kidney or heart disease, besides other troubles. These issues much strengthens in the age group 1year to 10 years. Overeating in pregnancy can have significant and numerous precarious health impacts on an unborn infant.[1]

In this research paper, I have analyzed several factors of obesity in pregnant mothers that lead to health issues for their unborn infants and it will affect them through their lives. I have conducted a comprehensive interview with Executive Director of “The Consumer Wellness Center”, Mike Adams, who in detail describes the dangers associated with obesity in mothers and its effects on their children. Further a latest about the issue has been analyzed with a recommendation to mothers on how they can avoid this increasingly spread health concern followed by a comprehensive conclusion.

Summary of Observations

The most prominent finding of our analysis is the devastating consequence that mother’s pre-expectancy weight standing has on a minor’s risk of being plump. The infant of a mother who was fat pre-pregnancy is more or less two times as expected to be fat by the time they reach youth…...