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Health Informatics

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Today, implementation of different types of healthcare information systems and technology has become significant for the delivery of cost-efficient and quality health care. With the help of different types of information systems in healthcare service organizations, they have become able to contribute in better health service management and delivery of quality healthcare (Blum, 2012). Use of different information systems also affirms the knowledge base necessitated for clinical and administrative decision making as discussed here in this paper.

Description of different Categories of Information Systems


Information Produced:

A clinical information system (CIS) is a compilation of a variety of information technology applications that allows for a central repository of information associated to patient care throughout distributed locations. This repository comprises the patient's history of sicknesses and his/her interactions with care providers by encryption of knowledge competent to assist clinicians determine about the patient's state, treatment options, and wellness activities (Sittig et. al., 2002). The repository also converts the position of decisions, actions ongoing for those decisions, and applicable information useful to perform those actions. As well, the database also produces information about the patient, including his/her genetic, environmental, and social contexts.

Users of the System:

Key users of this system and information produced by it are health care providers, clinicians, nurses, hospitals etc. All past and present information about patient at a place assists health care providers in diagnosing and treating a patient and monitoring that patient’s care. Clinical information systems significantly assists doctors and...

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