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Health Information Devices: Impact on Healthcare Delivery in the United States

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Executive Summary
In the United States, it is a common knowledge that "the delivery of health care is primarily driven by the medical model, which emphasizes illness rather than wellness” (Shi & Singh, 2015, p. 73). Faced with issues like chronic illnesses, fragmentation, and population of baby boomers that affect the challenges of cost, access, and quality of care; it can be argued that the use of health information devices has positive impact on the delivery of healthcare.
Since “the future of healthcare technology is now” (Glandon, Smaltz, & Slovensky, 2014, p. 27), developments in the production of healthcare information devices have been on the increase, popular, and widely used by patients and providers. Some of these devices, which include smart phones, computers, smart glasses like Google glasses, activities trackers, and wearable devices, have impacted and transformed the delivery of healthcare in ways that include cost of healthcare, access to healthcare, and quality of the care delivered.

Introduction It is a common knowledge that developments in technology is continually changing, is responsible for globalization, helps with effective evaluation of business and decision-making, and enables the growth of information technology.
Similarly, the areas of information technology and healthcare delivery are also presently active, developing, and constantly changing. As a result, the management of health information technology is currently enabling versatility in the delivery of healthcare, helping with the process of making it precise, tailored, effective, and efficient as it goes through enormous transformations. New innovations and dynamic changes in health information technology will play important roles in the future transformation of healthcare delivery, therefore, advances such as the use of health devices which include smart...

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