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Key role of health managers in new regulations
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In May 2011, the Medical Council launches a new system to support doctors in maintaining their professional competence throughout their professional lives. President of the Medical Council, Professor Kieran C. Murphy and Dr Paul Kavanagh, Head of Professional Competence at the Medical Council, explain the implications for health managers. Healthcare is changing. A generation ago, a doctor could complete training equipped with the knowledge and skills to remain fit-for-purpose throughout their career. Developments such as the internet now make it easier for doctors to access ever-accumulating bodies of knowledge from all over the globe which they can use to continually improve patient care. Similarly, patients’ expectations have changed as a result of being able to access an abundance of information about healthcare online. This progression in the doctor-patient relationship has created a need for transparent arrangements to help assure the public that doctors are keeping up-to-date and are committed to lifelong learning and skills development.

Prof. Kieran C Murphy In May, the Medical Council will launch new professional competence schemes, which will be operated by Postgraduate Training Bodies. Registered medical

practitioners will be subject to a statutory obligation to maintain professional competence. Health service managers will need to take cognisance that, for employed doctors, their employer will have a legal duty to facilitate the maintenance of professional competence. This development will positively impact the quality and safety of healthcare. The Medical Council consulted with a range of stakeholders including doctors and the public on the new professional competence schemes during development in 2010. We have been pleased to work closely with…...

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